With a little time out for some "boating" in Antwerp, Belgium.......

This be Marjorie: 140 foot combo square rigger/ 3 masted schooner...

Note: we did not sail her: only used as our "hotel"....



The Belgium gang


The Hearing Aide clinic techee at Le Grande Audio Paris, France: A must top for us...



Marjorie from Museum roof.. The North Sea way in the back there..



Please tell me what Paul is doing in the museum.....



This woody would look good at Calumet...


John's dream ride (check Leann's hand signal...)









WORKING Web Cams!!

remember to use Google Chrome for the cameras






Okay, Hannah upper right and Billy lower left...






Nooooo comment.....


check this out: a naked lady, with high heel shoes on, riding a rooster in front of the catholic cathederal...and carrying a dinner fork.



Jamaica 2016..!!








Best Ride Ever!!!

47 Stratojet Bomber - HD Wallpapers Widescreen - 1280x960

















this song is by Bobby Blue Bland.. speakers on and up!

When you Lose the One you Love


click on any foto below to make full size..





and here we have a few generations of "Johns"







How sweet it is....1948 J-3 Piper Cub


Hmmm, lets see now, 24 or 25 people: okay, got enough life jackets have we..... and just who would that be driving...?









Christmas 1958, Missouri. the pistol is a Ruger Single Six: 22 Caliber and the rifle is single shot .22



Charles, oh so many years ago...



those were the days my friend.....

we thought they'd never end....




















"The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits" Albert Einstein

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."
 Thomas Jefferson








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