Well, here we go: and the winter is starting off very cold...

Paul M, a past winner! was the first to send guess: says Jan 30

Wow! a December guess, Caitlyn says Dec 28

Pat from Alex Bay is on for Jan 10

Chris M, a local in Jeff county, says Jan 11

Sandbay Bob G (?) is at Jan 12

Stephanie neighbor friend says Jan 13

Scott and Susan from Sugar Island Jan 16

Neighbor Jim, sometimes spelled Gym, says Jan 20

Dick W from Round Island at Jan 21


Bill from Little Round says Jan 22

Terry H Sandbay person at Jan 25

Tom M from Clayton also Jan 25

Pilot Dave P says Jan 26

Nick, old family friend of son John says Jan 27

a guess from Dick M, a local, is at Jan 28

Jon P from Gainesville, Florida also Jan 28

Jean Little Round at Jan 31

Allison from Dearborn also Jan 31

Old friend Al from Round Island Feb 2

Joyce (roommate) also wants Feb 2

Joanne P Fishers Landing Feb 3

Heather M Feb 4

Camera maven Bill A also says Feb 4

Cindy S 52 wants Feb 7

Pilot Rick says Feb 8

Paul D, who likes ole Ford Fred is at Feb 9

Holly B is at Feb 10

Peter and Jean, Calumet regulars say Feb 12

Skiff House Paul guesses Feb 14

And Erin Skiff house also Feb 14

Tommy from St. Pete, Florida, usually sends early, says Feb 15

Pennsylvania Glen wants Feb 24